5th Period Novell
Net Admin 2000

There is alot I will remember from this class
whose students have been with me for as many as 4 years!

My First CNAs of the true Millennium (2001)
Hannah Houghton & Chris Graham
O.K. John Chappelle, are you happy?

My First Perfect CNA (2001 no questions missed) - Beth Wilson

My First CNA of the new Millennium(2000) - Candice McKearin

My First CNA Ever(1999) - Dana Centola

Wednesday, May 17, 2000
ALL of my Novell students have passed their CNA exam!

"Monday is a normal school day!" -- me

Anthony beating me in chess... twice...
in one class period... with time left over.

Getting Eric's special pepperoni & halapenjo pizza
and he did not even show up for class
(He had this lame excuse about being at the doctor.)

The other 19 students devouring 15 pizzas!

That gosh awful "Hamster Dance".

Having my students help me with my Spanish homework.

"Have you signed up for your CNA test yet Rylan?" -- Networking Class

"Rylan, a charming personality and a cute smile does not a CNA make."
-- me

Rylan Barnes' awesome Mastermind Game

Jenny Robinson's awesome INSANE Game

"Are you 2 married" - Derrick Schimcek
referring to Matthew Moravec and Leisl Shang

"Mr. Schram, I need another letter of recommendation" -
Raleigh Chen - (5 letters in all!)

"Sailor Moon" - Wei Shi Tsai

"Book?  We have a book?" - Joseph Guynes

"I like pie." -- Joseph Guynes

"PI is approximately
3.141592653589793238462643383279502884" -- me

The look on Joseph's face when I guessed that "ICP" stands for
"Incinerate Clown Program"

Joseph's smiley faces on the overhead.

"What's a syllabus?"

"Sign me in!"

"If knowledge is power, and power corrupts,
does that mean that knowledge corrupts?"

"Don't criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.
That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away,
and you have their shoes."

The accidental deletion of the "Works" directory
consisting of 7,389 files
on November 19, 1999 at 3:01:08pm.

The fact that I actually recovered each and every file!

"And there was much rejoicing in the streets!"

"Quick, turn off your screen!
Mr. Schram is coming!"

"Guys, let me explain to you the nature of glass
specifically I can see through it,
by the time I actually enter the room you are already caught.
-- Mr. L. Schram

"The stupid jerk virus"

"OK, Mr. J. Schram is 'Dr. Evil'.  All he needs is a 'mini-Schram'."
- Networking Class

"We already have one...  Mr. L. Schram!" - me

"The SCHRAM curve is dead!." -- me

"Andrew stop messing with my overhead." -- me

"Andrew stop messing with Alison." -- me

"Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum Bum
Mr. Schram Man, bring me a quiz..." -- Andrew Garcia

(Formerly "The Schraminator", and before that "Schram-BO")

"Bess is such a @#$%^&* pain!"

"What is the difference between a tomato?"

"I always keep an extra pass in my backpack
for emergencies." -- Eric Aschner

Misspelling Kalen's name for an entire semester

"It that a picture of Wierd Al Yankovik?" -- Kalen Braman
"No that's me." -- me;

"The in house video library in Networking class."

"You must become one with Novell." -- me

"You cannot learn computer science by osmosis." -- me

"It's not 'osmosis' Mr. Schram it's 'diffusion'." -- John Chappelle

"Excellent..." -- John Chappelle

"Where is my 10 foot pole
so I can not touch that?!" -- John Chappelle

"You would not have this problem if you used Linux." -- John Chappelle

"I am not obsessed with Linux,
I am procelatizing and evangelizing.
I am a Linux visionary." -- John Chappelle

"The preceding few quotes
should not be construde as a Linux advirtisement." - me

"Send him/her your positive energy."
"Send him/her your happy thoughts."
- me, anytime someone was about to take their CNA exam.

"GNU" stands for "GNU is Not UNIX".

"Hi, My name is Dan U.
How do I spell my last name? It's just the letter 'U'.
Oh, and the 'U' is silent."

And who could forget my EVIL quizzes!  HA, HA, HA!

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