A.P. Computer Science (A)
Beginning Teacher Level
Mass Insights Education
Bridgewater University, MA, Jul 25-29, 2016

Appropriate Teacher Audience

This APSI is aimed at new and beginner AP Computer Science (A) teachers, which includes two groups of teachers.
First, the course is meant for teachers who are new to the programming language of Java and require a solid introduction in the fundamentals of computer science in general and Java specifically.
Second, the course is meant for teachers who are comfortable with computer science - such as teachers who come from industry - but have little or no experience teaching AP Computer Science.

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Times: Mon 8:00a-4:00p,Tue,Wed,Thu 8:00a-04:0p,Fri 8:00a-12:00p


Leon Schram teaches PreAP Computer Science and AP* Computer Science at John Paul II high School in Plano, Texas. He has taught AP Computer Science for 34 years and has been a College Board consultant since 1985, presenting one-day conferences, two-day conferences, and one-week AP Summer Institutes at the Regional, National and International level. He served four years on the AP Computer Science Test Development Committee and was an AP Exam reader for ten years.

Leon Schram has received the Ross Perot Excellence in Teaching Award, the Texas Computer Educator of the Year Award, the College Board AP Special Recognition Award, was selected for the Global Who's Who 2009 Top Educator, received the Diocese of Dallas Catholic Teaching Works Of The Heart Award and in 2014 received the UTD Inspiration Award for inspiring future computer scientists.

He has published six editions of Preparation For The AP Computer Science Examination, Student Friendly Pascal, Exposure C++ for AP Computer Science, Exposure Java for AP Computer Science, and 1st Exposure for Introductory Computer Science. Leon Schram is married 49 years to Isolde Schram with four children and nine grandchildren.


  • Comprehend the first-semester AP Computer Science (A) [with Java] topics, which include: primitive data storage and operations, decision control structures, loop control structures, class and objects methods, String class methods, randomizing data, the Magpi AP LAB, OOP encapsulation, OOP inheritance & composition, one-dimensional static arrays, one-dimensional dynamic arrays and the AP elevens Lab.

  • Learn effective computer-lab environment techniques that encourage questions and exploration and provides effective evaluation tools of student knowledge.

  • Receive and learn to create a general syllabus for the College Board AP Audit, as well as a specific day-to-day student syllabus to pace students properly toward finishing the required curriculum.

  • Receive a clear understanding of evaluation techniques that make a distinction between evaluations for daily homework exercises and quizzes, chapter tests and evaluation at the AP Computer Science Exam level.

  • Finally, participants will be giving tools to advance their knowledge and prepare for the second semester AP Computer Science (A) curriculum.