Dutch Surprises

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Surprise #1 The Miniature City Of Madurudam

In the Dutch government city of The Hague, close to the Central Train Station is the miniature city of "Madurudam". Adults are amazed and intriqued. Kids are enchanted. Everything in Madurudam is a precise model of something in The Netherlands that exists. Visiting Madurudam really should occur at the end of your stay in The Netherlands. You will be pleasantly surprised when you see many sights in Madurudam that you visited in full size. It will help you appreciate the miniature city better. Young boys will go crazy over the 3 miles of model train tracks that are running throughout the city. Five sets of pictures will follow. In each case the "a" pictures on the left side are the pictures of the actual sights in Holland. Then the "b" pictures on the right side are pictures of the scale-model replicas in the miniature city.

Picture-1a & Picture-1b --- Rijks Museum --- This museum is in Amsterdam. It has the largest collection of Dutch Masters painting in the world.
Picture-2a & Picture-2b --- Peace Palace --- The Peace Palace is also known as the International Court of Justice. It is located in The Hague a couple of miles away from Madurudam.
Picture-3a & Picture-3b --- Binnenhof --- Translated this means "inner court". It is located in The Hague about a couple of miles away from Madurudam. This many centuries-old castle is the location of the Dutch Parliament.
Picture-4a & Picture-4b --- SS Rotterdam --- This much beloved oceanliner crossed the Atlantic for many years and continued as a very popular cruise ship for many more decades. Today the ship is a hotel/museum in the city of Rotterdam after which the ship is named.
Picture-5a & Picture-5b --- Erasmus Bridge --- This modern bridge is in Rotterdam close to where the ships of the Holland America Line used to depart for the United States. The Queen Mary2, in this picture on a cruise visiting Rotterdam, is docked in the location of the former Holland America pier.


Ski In The Summer In A Country Without Mountains

Speed skating in a flat country with thousands of canals makes sense. Skiing in a flat country in the summer is another story. But yes, Holland is one of the countries that has a very nice year-around indoor ski facility. The slope is about 650 yards long and it has a regular ski lift to take people to the top. If you want to cool off in the summer, this is the place to go. This facility is located in the province of Limburg near the city of Heerlen. It is very close to the border of Holland, Germany and Belgium.

Noah's Ark Found Far From Home In The Netherlands

A Christian carpenter in Holland found a unique to evangelize. He built an Ark based on the descriptions and dimensions in the Bible. First he build a smaller 1/4 size model. With the entry-ticket money from the first ark, he then built a second version. Thew second Ark him 6 Million Dollars and is the exact dimensions of the original Noah's Ark. You can visit Noah's Ark near Rotterdam.

Information and some pictures acquired from Dutch Tourism & Information Bureau.
The majority of the pictures are taken personally by Leon Schram.