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The Dutch Government

The Netherlands is a democratic country with a constitutional monarchy. Holland has a royal family, but the power and control of the country is in the hands of an elected parliament. The prime minister of Holland, who is the leader of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, is Mark Rutte. The Dutch Parliament is located inside the "Ridderzaal" (Knight's Court) of an old castle in The Hague. The outside is centuries old, but the parliament is modern inside. The small octagon-shaped tower, attached to the "Castle" is the office of the Prime Minister. Mark Rutte is a classic Dutchman. It is not difficult to get a picture of him riding his bicycle to work, followed by a secret service man. Probably very odd to Americans who are used to long caravans of black cars when the President moves, but the Dutch are more relaxed. Then again they have not had assassinations of their leaders.

The Dutch Royal Family

The monarch of The Netherlands has many duties in the country, but they are mostly in an advisory capacity as well as diplomatic and ceremonial. The royal family is much beloved by the Dutch people and they have a young King Willem-Alexander along with Queen Maxima and three daughters.

The Royal Family has access to multiple palaces in the Netherlands. There is a large palace in Amsterdam. There is a country estate outside Utrecht and there is a large palace in The Hague with beautiful gardens, close to the parliament. The bottom picture shows the palace in The Hague. The Hague has a very large park inside the city where the palace is located.

Information and some pictures acquired from Dutch Tourism & Information Bureau.
The majority of the pictures are taken personally by Leon Schram.