Facts and Information

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The Dutch Flag

The Dutch flag has red-white-blue colors, which is identical to Luxembourg, but not to France. France is also red-white-blue, but the stripes are vertical. Many flags also show an orange banner, which is the Dutch national color. The Dutch royal family is from the "house of oranje-nassau". Oranje means orange. At international sports events - such as the Olympics - the Dutch athletes wear bright orange and their fans can also be easily recognized by the many orange outfits and orange paint on their faces.

General Facts

Population: 16.4 million
Life Expectancy: 76.8 years (men), 82.14 years (women)
Population Density: 395 per square km
Official Languages: Dutch & Frisian
Land Area: 41,526 sq km
Neighbors: Germany (East), Belgium (South), U.K. (West across Nort Sea)
Highest Peak: In the province of Limburg the Vaalserberg is 321 m
Lowest Land: In the Zuidplaspolder -7 m
Capital: Amsterdam
Major Cities: Amsterdam (1.5m), Rotterdam (1.1m), Utrecht (0.82m), The Hague (0.60m)
Economy: 770 Billion USD Gross Domestic Product
Large Companies: Philips, Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, Heineken, IKEA, ING Bank

Netherlands Ranks 133 In Land Area

Netherlands Ranks 66 In Population

Netherlands Ranks 17 In Gross Domestic Product

Information and some pictures acquired from Dutch Tourism & Information Bureau.
The majority of the pictures are taken personally by Leon Schram.