Bicycles Everywhere

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There Are More Bicycles Than People In The Netherlands

You will see bicycles everywhere in Holland (People often call The Netherlands Holland). Yes the Dutch like to ride bicycles for sport and recreation, but in Holland, bicycles are mostly used for transportation. There are bicycles everywhere you look. They are in the large cities, in the small villages and everywhere in-between. There are bicycle paths next to the highways and there are bicycle tunnels under the rivers and canals.

People go to work wearing a suit or a dress and ride a bicycle. Kids are driven to child care on bicycles with double kid seats and on bicycles that are normally used to transport merchandise.

You will not see this in the USA

Holland is a modern country with an excellent infrastructure of well-maintained highways. Sometimes new highways get in the way of bicycle paths. In such a case the bicycle paths create a rotunda, which allows cyclers to go in every direction across the highway.

Dutch high school students behave and look very much like American students. The picture below is at the Maerlant Lyceum (a college-prep high school) in The Hague. The students look the same, but there are no school busses and parents do not drive students to school. Why not? The parents, like the students will ride bicycles or public transportation to work. Look at the bicycles parked in the school yard.

There are very strict rules against using a mobile phone (Dutch & British cell phone) in a car. However, there are no laws against using a mobile phone and riding a bicycle, which is done by many cyclers, especially teenagers.

Information and some pictures acquired from Dutch Tourism & Information Bureau.
The majority of the pictures are taken personally by Leon Schram.