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What Is Exposure Computer Science?
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Exposure Computer Science is designed to assist teachers in teaching AP Computer Science (A), AP Computer Science Principles, Introductory Computer Science, PreAP Computer Science and Advanced Graphics Programming courses with the flexibility to suit any teaching environment. It is a complete electronic teaching package that includes text book chapters along with all the necessary teaching tools and materials to teach the course.

How Can a Textbook Be Flexible for Different Environments?

<Exposure Computer Science courses are not printed text books. Teachers are provided with textbook chapter files, all the program source code files, homework exercises, presentation slides, lab assignments, quizzes, chapter tests and semester exams that may be altered to suit the teacher's needs. Topic sequences can be altered; explanations can be reduced, expanded or modified. All Exposure Computer Science materials are electronic read/write files that can be modified to a teacher's environment and/or teaching style.

Does Exposure Computer Science have an authorized audit syllabi for its two AP Courses: AP Computer Science (A) and AP Computer Science Principles?

Yes there is an authorized syllabus for each course that can be downloaded below. At the top of each syllabus is the authorization number that teachers can use to have their AP course curriculum approved by submitted the syllabus number. The AP Computer Science (A) syllabus is different from the one, which was submitted originally. Once an AP course is approved, it is not necessary to re-submit a new syllabus for approval when the curriculum changes. In the case of AP Computer Science (A) the GridWorld case-study was removed and three AP labs were added. The new AP Computer Science Principles curriculum has not changed, but after experiencing teaching the syllabus curriculum for the first real time and submitted computational artifacts, this coming year the sequence of topics will be altered. This type of dynamic change is normal in teaching and does not impact a previously authorized syllabus.

Download AP Computer Science (A) Audit Syllabus

Download AP Computer Science (P) Audit Syllabus