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Information about my professional life, which includes Exposure Java publications for computer science courses, 2015 Summer APSI Workshop details, download site for workshop participants, CollegeBoard AP Computer Science web site, my D&S Marketing AP Exam Books publisher and my job at John Paul II High school


Exposure Java 2015
The new AP Labs will be included in Expo Java 2015
Contains information about and Order Form for:
AP Computer Science, PreAP Computer Science,
Regular Computer Science and Advanced Graphics
Complete Programming Curriculum
Summer 2015 Workshop Schedule
College Board Endorsed AP Computer Science
Summer Institutes and other 2015 summer
activities schedule
Download 2015 APSI Materials
Preparation for AP Computer Science Workshops
BridgeWater APSI Chap 02-11 now ready for download. (6:49pm)
CollegeBoard AP Central Site
D&S Marketing AP Exam Books
The new 9th Edition, which reflects the new Course
Description, without the GridWorld Case Study.
John Paul II High School